Louise reports on Lambeth Palace

Lousia and friend Izzie.


Guest post from Louise (left), one of our Christian students for the visit we made to the Archbishop of Canterbury on 2 November.

The Archbishop joining in a discussion with Louise's group

The day started brilliantly as we set off on the way to London, an when we drove through Westminster the whole coach was excited as we spotted the sights. The coach journey down was a great opportunity to start to chat with the other people who we didn’t know.

On arriving at the palace, I was amazed at how big it was and how grand it looked from the outside. Inside did not disappoint, we walked in and went straight upstairs to the Guard Room. The Archbishop then gave a short talk on Power and Influence as that was what we were discussing that in the session.

The amazing Lambeth Palace

Next we were split into groups of four and we had several discussions of who had power over us and influence in different places. For example our parents have both power and influence over us at home.  It was interesting to see what similarities and differences our two religions had.  After the discussions of who had power and influence over us, we talked about who we had power and influence over. Again it was interesting where Christians had different power and influence to Muslims in our places of worship.

While we were having our discussions, the Archbishop walked around listening and joining in with our discussions. After the discussions were over we spent some time feeding back to the other groups.

Then we went downstairs to have lunch, it was very nice and followed by a delicious pudding! I must say the caterers did a very good job.

After lunch we had a tour of Lambeth Palace, we saw the old chapel and then the new chapel, which were both in their own rights extremely interesting. After the tour we headed over to the river for a boat cruise. It was really good and the whole day was an excellent time to chat and make new friends.

The Feast did very well to organise the day and it was a brilliant trip out to visit London and a once in a life time opportunity to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury.