post: Reflections, Tower Hamlets 13th March 2017

What an amazing 12 year old North Korean Atheist reminded me

By Dumaeza Nhlapo, Youth Worker in Tower Hamlets My job continues to blow my mind: Yesterday I sat across t...

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post: Birmingham 1st February 2017

Two very different schools breaking down barriers

By Steve Stanier, Birmingham "How do you change the world?  How do you know your path in life or guide others to t...

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post: Reflections, UK 19th January 2017

Ransome’s reflections on team day and diversity

By Ransome Oginni, Bradford and Keighley Last week I was able to attend my first National Team Day with The Feast,...

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post: Reflections 23rd December 2016

Five things I have learned during 2016

By CEO, Tim Fawssett What started out as an end of year blog reporting what The Feast has been up to for the last ...

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post: Birmingham

Moseley School students striving for change

By Steve Stanier What do we know about a season?  It brings change, and is a chance to see and do new things, to f...

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post: Bradford and Keighley 20th December 2016

Simple fun with life changing conversations

By Ransome Oginni It was great to do my first Youth Encounter Day last Saturday, supported by Feast colleague Uzma...

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post: Stories, Tower Hamlets, UK, Youth Events 9th December 2016

Karting and Culinary Conversations

A group of young people and a couple of Feast youth workers from Tower Hamlets headed for Revolution Karting in Mile ...

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post: Birmingham 2nd December 2016

Lozells Inter-school Challenge Day

Guest post by volunteer, Hannah. Friendships formed, faith encounters, a boat load of pizza On the last Saturda...

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post: Reflections 14th November 2016

Join us in changing the world #wearethefeast

The recent US Presidential election, and before this the UK Brexit referendum, have been powerful reminders of how di...

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post: Staff & Volunteers, UK 24th October 2016

Heads together for greater impact this new school year

The start of this new school year saw The Feast celebrate our seventh anniversary!  This small charity which started ...

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