post: Staff & Volunteers, UK 24th October 2016

Heads together for greater impact this new school year

The start of this new school year saw The Feast celebrate our seventh anniversary!  This small charity which started ...

post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, Stories, UK, Youth Events 30th October 2015

Fitness, fruit and faith

Have you ever thought about what your faith says about health or fitness? Does your faith affect the decisions you ma...

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post: Bradford and Keighley, Staff & Volunteers 9th October 2015

An update from Bradford and Keighley

It has been a fantastic few months working for The Feast in Bradford and Keighley, getting to know the area and meeti...

The Teams from the BMS and The Feast
post: Birmingham, Reflections, Staff & Volunteers, Youth Events 21st September 2015

Faith, Fun and Food with The BMS

Yesterday, we had another chance to host a group of guests and show them how to enjoy meeting new people different to...

post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, UK, Youth Events 8th September 2015

Soul Boats

Many exciting things are happening at The Feast at the moment, as we have new opportunities to add to the growing wor...

Image ©Licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 25/08/2015. Birmingham, UK. Home Secretary Theresa May hosted an exhibition of local groups working within communities pushing back against the influence of extremists.  Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images
post: Staff & Volunteers, UK 3rd September 2015

Sharing The Feast with the Home Secretary

On Tuesday 25th August, the Home Secretary, Rt Hon Theresa May MP, came to Birmingham to meet with organisations that...

post: Staff & Volunteers, Tower Hamlets 29th July 2015

Interfaith Iftaar in Tower Hamlets

In the last week of Ramadan we held an Iftaar Encounter event, where 6 Christians from a local joined joined a group ...

Meet Nahim
post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, Youth Events 15th July 2015

Project Ghana 2015 – Meet The Team (Nahim)

NAME: Nahim Khan AGE: Somewhere around 30. ish. RELIGION: Muslim LIKES: Food, sports (specially water sports) trav...

post: Birmingham, Reflections, Staff & Volunteers, Stories, UK 14th July 2015

Remembering Srebrenica – a reflection

11th July 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of a massacre that happened in Bosnia where over 8,000 Muslim men and boys...

Meet Geoff
post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, Youth Events 12th July 2015

Project Ghana 2015 – Meet The Team (Geoff)

NAME: Geoff FAITH: Christian LIKES: Music, coffee, good food, talking to friends, travelling to new places. DISL...