post: Birmingham, Stories 3rd December 2017

Leaping with Faith

A group of young people, Christian, Muslim and Sikh, from the HubLife group at St. Christopher's Church and the churc...

post: Stories, Tower Hamlets, Youth Events 10th April 2017

Exploring Faith and Atheism over the London ground, water and air.

By Melissa Llewellyn, Youth Worker in Luton Last week I experienced my first youth encounter since starting wo...

post: Stories, Tower Hamlets, UK, Youth Events 9th December 2016

Karting and Culinary Conversations

A group of young people and a couple of Feast youth workers from Tower Hamlets headed for Revolution Karting in Mile ...

post: Reflections, Stories, Students 17th May 2016

The Feast encourages me to try new things.

  The first trip I went on with the Feast was to a Navy ship in Portsmouth which I heard about through my chu...

post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, Stories, UK, Youth Events 30th October 2015

Fitness, fruit and faith

Have you ever thought about what your faith says about health or fitness? Does your faith affect the decisions you ma...

post: Birmingham, Reflections, Staff & Volunteers, Stories, UK 14th July 2015

Remembering Srebrenica – a reflection

11th July 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of a massacre that happened in Bosnia where over 8,000 Muslim men and boys...

post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, Stories, UK, Youth Events 15th June 2015

When Jordan came to visit

Often at The Feast we get to host some really special events. We have done so many different things that nowadays mos...

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post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, Stories, UK, Youth Events 27th April 2015

Girls mini residential 2015!

Take 9 young ladies from across the city of Birmingham, add 4 adult leaders. Combine with games, pizza, laughter, cho...

post: Birmingham, Stories, Students, Tower Hamlets, UK 5th March 2015

My trip to London, by Salma Hussain

When I went to London I met up with people who followed Christianity. We talked about the good things there are in ar...

post: Bradford and Keighley, Stories 14th November 2014

Talking about Bradford and Keighley: our latest promotional video

From humble beginnings in Birmingham in 2009, The Feast has grown to Bradford and Keighley where it is challenging an...