post: Birmingham, Students 24th March 2017

Our First Encounter – Down to Earth meets Icircle

By Scarlett and Charlie from Down to Earth "Bringing people together isn't as hard as it seems. When Down to Ea...

post: Birmingham 1st February 2017

Two very different schools breaking down barriers

By Steve Stanier, Birmingham "How do you change the world?  How do you know your path in life or guide others to t...

post: Birmingham 23rd December 2016

Moseley School students striving for change

By Steve Stanier What do we know about a season?  It brings change, and is a chance to see and do new things, to f...

post: Birmingham 2nd December 2016

Lozells Inter-school Challenge Day

Guest post by volunteer, Hannah. Friendships formed, faith encounters, a boat load of pizza On the last Saturda...

post: Birmingham 18th May 2016

CEO Tim Fawssett declared at our Spring Dinner: We are The Feast

This speech was given at The Feast's Birmingham Spring Dinner, on Friday 13th May 2016. The Feast is an unusual, s...

post: Birmingham 2nd February 2016

Birmingham Spring Dinner 2016

A highlight of the calendar each year for The Feast in Birmingham has been our annual Autumn Dinners, as a chance to ...

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post: Birmingham, Youth Events 15th January 2016

Lads experience the impact of The Feast

It is obvious.  It is simple.  But it is powerful! The Feast does lots of things to help young people to live well...

post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, Stories, UK, Youth Events 30th October 2015

Fitness, fruit and faith

Have you ever thought about what your faith says about health or fitness? Does your faith affect the decisions you ma...

Working hard, having fun & sharing our thoughts and ideas about what prayer is.
post: Birmingham, Students, UK, Youth Events 8th October 2015

From Soul Boats to Something Good…

After working on the soul boats project in our summer holiday programme, it was brilliant to see the scale it was goi...

Representing The Feast
post: Birmingham, Youth Events 28th September 2015

From a culture of violence to a culture of peace

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.” – pream...