Working hard, having fun & sharing our thoughts and ideas about what prayer is.
post: Birmingham, Students, UK, Youth Events 8th October 2015

From Soul Boats to Something Good…

After working on the soul boats project in our summer holiday programme, it was brilliant to see the scale it was goi...

Representing The Feast
post: Birmingham, Youth Events 28th September 2015

From a culture of violence to a culture of peace

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.” – pream...

post: Birmingham, Youth Events 21st September 2015

Project Ghana 2015 – Meet The Team (Felix)

NAME: Felix Kumah AGE: 22 RELIGION: Christian LIKES: Having fun with my colleagues - playing football, cards, draf...

The Teams from the BMS and The Feast
post: Birmingham, Reflections, Staff & Volunteers, Youth Events

Faith, Fun and Food with The BMS

Yesterday, we had another chance to host a group of guests and show them how to enjoy meeting new people different to...

post: Birmingham, Youth Events 20th September 2015

Project Ghana 2015: Bilal’s Story

The most significant thing I will be taking from the experience is learning to be more grateful and to count my bless...

post: Birmingham, Youth Events 18th September 2015

Project Ghana 2015 – Meet The Team (Isaac)

NAME: Isaac AGE: 20 RELIGION: Christian LIKES: I do a lot of research in my spare time because I believe there are...

post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, UK, Youth Events 8th September 2015

Soul Boats

Many exciting things are happening at The Feast at the moment, as we have new opportunities to add to the growing wor...

post: Birmingham, Youth Events 3rd September 2015

Project Ghana 2015: Haleema’s Story

Project Ghana 2015 was the highlight of not only my year, but my life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and wa...

post: Birmingham, International, Youth Events 5th August 2015

Project Ghana 2015: we’re back!

We're back, and we had an AMAZING time! We'll be sure to share more blogposts and reflections in the coming weeks, bu...

post: Birmingham, UK, Youth Events 31st July 2015

Garden Life

Time. It’s something we are all aware of, all consume, all need, waste, give, take and want. So often we plan things ...