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post: Reflections, Tower Hamlets 13th March 2017

What an amazing 12 year old North Korean Atheist reminded me

My job continues to blow my mind: Yesterday I sat across the table from a 12-year-old Korean young lady who comes ...

post: Stories, Tower Hamlets, UK, Youth Events 9th December 2016

Karting and Culinary Conversations

A group of young people and a couple of Feast youth workers from Tower Hamlets headed for Revolution Karting in Mile ...

post: Tower Hamlets, Uncategorised 1st August 2016

Pizza meets interfaith dialogue

This is a guest post from Matt Chisem from XLP. “I strongly feel that it is only when there is a deep understa...

post: Tower Hamlets 15th June 2016

A Sikh, a Muslim, an Atheist and a few Christians walk into Nando’s…

This is a guest post by Louise Churchus, Tower Hamlet's Senior Youth Worker for XLP. A group of young people? ...

post: Staff & Volunteers, Tower Hamlets 29th July 2015

Interfaith Iftaar in Tower Hamlets

In the last week of Ramadan we held an Iftaar Encounter event, where 6 Christians from a local joined joined a group ...

post: Tower Hamlets, Youth Events 24th June 2015

Interfaith and Paintball in Tower Hamlets

We recently ran a paintball Encounter with East London Baptist church, where we were joined by 3 Christian young peop...

post: Tower Hamlets, Uncategorized, Youth Events 5th May 2015

Chicken and Chips (and interfaith)

I recently had the privilege of hanging out with some amazing young people from one of the schools we work in. I'll l...

post: Birmingham, Stories, Students, Tower Hamlets, UK 5th March 2015

My trip to London, by Salma Hussain

When I went to London I met up with people who followed Christianity. We talked about the good things there are in ar...

post: Birmingham, Staff & Volunteers, Tower Hamlets 26th February 2015

When Birmingham went to London…

On the Monday of half term, twelve pre-teens ran around drizzly central London during an interfaith youth trip. Frien...

post: Staff & Volunteers, Tower Hamlets 28th January 2015

Faith + Social Action: Baking for Change

For the last couple of months myself and Becki (our awesome volunteer!) have been running a lunch club at Raine's Fou...