post: Staff & Volunteers, Tower Hamlets 28th January 2015

Faith + Social Action: Baking for Change

For the last couple of months myself and Becki (our awesome volunteer!) have been running a lunch club at Raine's Fou...

post: Staff & Volunteers, Tower Hamlets, Youth Events 25th November 2014

Ten countries, twenty girls, two faiths, one residential (no, two!)…

"Somali!" "Pakistani!" "Jamaican!" "Ghanaian!" "Bengali!" We were polling the room, and the Muslim and Christian gir...

post: Tower Hamlets 21st November 2014

New interfaith and social action club at a school in Tower Hamlets

On Wednesday I had the privilege of starting a new interfaith/social action lunch club at a local school in Tower Ham...

post: Reflections, Staff & Volunteers, Tower Hamlets 29th October 2014

Training Day Reflection from LLG Member

We quickly moved on from a late start (because of a delays on the Central Line) and learned by doing. Jenni and Nahim...

post: Reflections, Tower Hamlets 7th October 2014

Reflections on Tower Hamlets Training Event

After London Transport conspired against ALL The Feast staff (in the form of major delays on the Central Line), when ...

post: Stories, Tower Hamlets 8th July 2014

Oscar-worthy Talent at Bethnal Green Academy

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited (as a 'friend of B G A') to see a production of Shakespeare's Hamlet by...

post: Tower Hamlets, Youth Events 25th June 2014

Tower Hamlets Encounter at John Cass School

I've just run my first Youth Encounter event at John Cass’ Foundation and Redcoat School on Friday 13th  June (though...

post: Tower Hamlets 11th April 2014

One month (and some change) on in Tower Hamlets

So I've been in my post for just over a month. Although I know parts of Tower Hamlets quite well, I'm better acquaint...

post: Birmingham, Bradford and Keighley, Staff & Volunteers, Tower Hamlets 19th November 2013

A day to learn, reflect and be challenged

New for this school year, The Feast is proud to be running a series of training days, including our first training da...

Girls United: from three different groups, we've all come together to laugh and learn from one another.
post: Stories, Tower Hamlets, Youth Events 6th November 2013

“Whether you’re Muslim or Christian, we are all like one big family of crazy girls…”

Last weekend The Feast Tower Hamlets hosted five Muslim and seven Christian teenage girls on an interfaith residentia...