The Feast continues to grow as a global leader in interfaith youth work. We receive enquiries almost daily from across the UK and the world. We hope we can enable others to also bring together young people of different faiths together to talk faith, make friends and change lives.

Guidelines for

The Feast’s Guidelines for Dialogue are available for download. These are the ground rules we set out at the start of each youth event to facilitate a safe place for discussion.

The Feast is all about empowering young people to engage well with people who are different to themselves, and a vital tool we use to giving them the skills and confidence to do this are our Guidelines for Dialogue, as shown below. These can be downloaded here.

These 10 rules help us create the safe spaces for honest and respectful conversations to happen. They are incredibly simple, but when committed to by all involved they enable us to have very open and sometimes difficult conversations that we never thought were possible.

During our 10th Anniversary year The Feast took the opportunity to translate these Guidelines for Dialogue into a different language each month.  These will soon be available on our Members page.

Please take these to use as much as you’d like, and all the best as you talk about faith.


We know that often the hardest part of running any youth event is working out how should be structured, what games could be played, what questions to ask, what questions to avoid. 

Trying to do this when young people are of two different faiths can be even more daunting! We've prepared a couple of event ideas, based on tried-and-tested events, to help you run successful dialogue events!

In the

The Feast has been featured in a number of magazines, newspapers and documentaries, talking about our work and its impact on young people, communities, and societies. You can view some of the articles here.

March 2021

Grappling with Difference

Grappling with difference: one of our volunteers in Luton was sharing on the “Jenni Talks” podcast about how The Feast’s approach helped him do quality youth work and how much he loved  the way The Feast creates safe spaces for dialogue (Season 2, Episode 7, March 2021).

7th April 2021

Jenni Talks to Ulrike Hunt

Following the interesting discussion with our volunteer, Adam Whiting, Ulrike was invited to talk more deeply about our work on “Jenni Talks” (Season 2, Episode 10, April) and to explain our unique approach, which gives young people the skill and the confidence to grapple with difference whilst being confident in their own beliefs and identity.

22 April 2019

Interfaith Youth Ministry with The Feast

Ulrike and Dumaeza are interviewed for the Youthscape podcast about The Feast, what they do, what it looks like and why they do it. Well worth a listen!

22nd August 2018

Luton Today

Ryad Khodabacus of Luton Today interviewed our Development Worker in Luton, Ulrike Hunt, about the girls events in the summer of 2018.

Girls together again to chat and learn



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Dialogue with young people

Top 10 ideas for great multi faith youth work

Parmeash Kaur - why should young Sikhs get involved?

Mohammed Arif - a volunteer story

Liz Anderson - a volunteer story

More videos can be found on The Feast YouTube channel