tribe_events: 2nd February 2018

International Training Weekend, Lebanon

Sharing Bread and Salt A gathering of people passionate about helping young Christians and Muslims to be peace maker...

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Exploring Faith and Atheism over the London ground, water and air.

By Melissa Llewellyn, Youth Worker in Luton Last week I experienced my first youth encounter since starting wo...

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Pizza meets interfaith dialogue

This is a guest post from Matt Chisem from XLP. “I strongly feel that it is only when there is a deep understa...

post: Tower Hamlets 15th June 2016

A Sikh, a Muslim, an Atheist and a few Christians walk into Nando’s…

This is a guest post by Louise Churchus, Tower Hamlet's Senior Youth Worker for XLP. A group of young people? ...

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Fitness, fruit and faith

Have you ever thought about what your faith says about health or fitness? Does your faith affect the decisions you ma...

Working hard, having fun & sharing our thoughts and ideas about what prayer is.
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From Soul Boats to Something Good…

After working on the soul boats project in our summer holiday programme, it was brilliant to see the scale it was goi...

Representing The Feast
post: Birmingham, Youth Events 28th September 2015

From a culture of violence to a culture of peace

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.” – pream...

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Project Ghana 2015 – Meet The Team (Felix)

NAME: Felix Kumah AGE: 22 RELIGION: Christian LIKES: Having fun with my colleagues - playing football, cards, draf...

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Project Ghana 2015: Bilal’s Story

The most significant thing I will be taking from the experience is learning to be more grateful and to count my bless...

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Project Ghana 2015 – Meet The Team (Isaac)

NAME: Isaac AGE: 20 RELIGION: Christian LIKES: I do a lot of research in my spare time because I believe there are...