The Feast in Tower Hamlets

The Feast’s work in Tower Hamlets commenced in 2012, and is currently led by Dumaeza Nhlapo for 3 days per week.


LLG Chair: Mark Hutchings

Worker: Dumaeza Nhlapo (part-time, mainly Monday to Wednesday)
Office: Bethnal Green URC Meeting House, Pott Street, London, E2 0EF

Featured news: Tower Hamlets 20th July 2016

Interfaith Youth Iftaar in Tower Hamlets

This is a guest post by Jessica Pardy, one of our volunteers. On 4 July 2016, The Feast held an interfaith Iftaar to celebrate and eat towards the Eid celebration. Three Christians and three Muslims met at Eas[..]

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Featured post: Reflections, Tower Hamlets 13th March 2017

What an amazing 12 year old North Korean Atheist reminded me

My job continues to blow my mind: Yesterday I sat across the table from a 12-year-old Korean young lady who comes to one of our groups (which is about helping people of different faiths and cultures live well with[..]

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