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Introducing … The Feast Factor

The Feast is so blessed to have the opportunity to work with some really fantastic young people! We had sixteen of them give up a total of three days of their hard-earned half term break to help us plan our upcoming youth fundraising event – The Feast Factor. Here’s what Silvano, our drama workshop facilitator from SVG Productions, had to say about her experience:

“…It’s interesting to see the mix of youth you work with at the Feast.  They are an intelligent and creative bunch …

I enjoyed hearing their stories on how The Feast has impacted their lives and it was interesting brainstorming ideas with them for how they wanted to present their stories in the drama piece we put together for the fundraising day. I was especially impressed with the stories of two of the girls. One Muslim girl said that she knew very few Christians before getting involved with the Feast and never would have dreamt that a Christian would have attended her birthday party.  Another young Christian made reference to the fact that prior to the Feast she was too uncomfortable to ask Muslims about any aspect of their faith. Now however, she has found appropriate ways to ask questions on the aspects of their faith she is unsure about.

Personally, I felt I was showing my age a little when I introduced the A-Team theme tune only to find none of them were aware of the television series or the film.  But they were all humming it by the end of the day!”

Stay tuned for more information about The Feast Factor – landing at the Springfield Center on Saturday 25th June from 2-5 pm! Better yet, why not join us? Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂