Bradford and Keighley Youth Events

Our first youth encounter event in Bradford

On Sunday 11 November, The Feast’s youth worker Natasha headed up to work with a group of youth leaders from Bradford and Keighley, to pilot our first event in the area.

To the theme of “the balancing act”, and with the fantastic help of circus skills facilitator Darryl from Holy Kappow, Christian and Muslim young people converged on the E:merge youth centre for an afternoon of fun and faith discussions.  After breaking the ice  everyone tried their skills at learning how to juggle, tight rope walking, stilts and plate spinning – to varying degrees of success.

Then we broke into groups to talk about the balancing act of life.  Some of the questions asked were – how do you balance fun and faith?  how do you balance study and play?  how do you balance honouring your parents and being an independent young adult?

All were aged from 16-18 years old, the different groups of young people were familiar with having people of other faiths at school and in their community.  However to sit down and share honestly from their faith about balances necessary in life was a refreshing experience.

It was a revelation to some of the Christian young people that their Muslim peers thought that all white people were Christian.  Likewise, one small group came to talk about alcohol and the Muslims were surprised to know that some Christians do not drink, like them.

This event was the first of what is hoped to be a whole new program by The Feast locally, between Bradford and Keighley, to help young people of different faiths to meet up, explore faith, create friendships and change lives.  So watch this space for more soon.

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