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My first month at The Feast…

So here I am after my first five-ish weeks working for The Feast in Bradford and Keighley. How has it been?  (As I shake my head and laugh), It has been amazing.

3 weeks ago I walked up the Eiffel Tower with my 5 year old brother and my Dad.  This is a memory that I will never forget, but there was also numerous times when my Dad and I were awestruck by the amount of work involved in building the structure that is now iconic of Paris.

(Cheese alert)
There has also been times over the last few weeks when I have looked at the scale of the work needed up here in Keighley and Bradford, and been astounded by the level of work needed and the potential for impact in these communities. Is it intimidating?  Too right!  But I’m confident that the amazing people that I have met, and the team we are building in Bradford and Keighley, will no doubt face each challenge head-on and show each young person, community worker, police officer and member of the public that the work we are committed to canwill and does change young people’s lives and  communities for the better.

However along the way there has already been some ‘road blocks’. Just yesterday I emerged from one of the most liberating meetings of my career with Dr. Phil Lewis, the author of an amazing book called ‘Young, British and Muslim‘.  But this high was quickly stolen away when my wife was involved in a major car crash… thankfully no one was left with serious injuries but we have lost our car to the scrap yard.

So it has been a pretty full on first couple of weeks for myself and my little family. Thanks to everyone who supports what we do and believes in The Feast; it really is a charity that is bringing communities, schools, parents and young people together, and I’m looking forward to the month two.

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