Bradford and Keighley Youth Events

Splat: a day full of laughs!

In my last post I mentioned that there may be an encounter event involving a little bit of paint… well here is the evidence!

10 guys, 1 mini bus, several pizzas and hundreds of paint balls helped create one the best youth work experiences I have ever had.

We left Bradford early one morning during the schools holidays and headed for the neighbouring city of Wakefield.  Conversations on the bus were quiet but I was confident that would change within a matter of hours.

We were placed in a team together and were to be competing against other youth groups, running around a forest firing paintballs at the competition; defeat was not an option for The Feast lads.

The entire game lasted for around 7 hours but this only strengthened new friendships within the group. Over snacks we were able to talk about different aspects of our own faiths and how it helps us as we make our day-to-day decisions and choices. The paintballing supremos ‘Delta Force’ managed the paintballing meaning that we, as leaders, were able to relax ore with the youth people and sit alongside their conversations.

Unfortunately the day did have to end but the bus journey home was full of life, laughter and jokes about who got shot the most (it certainly wasn’t me…!).

All in all a great day that sparked great friendships, which will be followed up over pizza and a movie soon!

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