Bradford and Keighley

United for Faith and Justice

When I first started working in Holy Family School I was asked to try and facilitate new discussions around the area of ‘Faith’.  So with the help of my 6th form class we did just that.

Our idea was to run a ‘Question Time’ in the school and invite a panel of nearby Priests, Pastors and Imams.  6th formers were given the opportunity to put questions to the panel.

We worked hard to create hard-hitting questions that would not only challenge the panel but anyone attending the day. Questions included, ‘Why, in 2013, are our communities still divided?’

My 6th form class is made up of students from a number of different faith groups – Catholics, Christians, Muslims and Atheists. This journey together was a great chance to explore what each of us truly believe and what we sometimes perceive about our neighbours. Working together in this way was a great way to form friendships between the 6th formers.

We have also decided  to create a school Amnesty International group. Each of our different faiths teach us to care for others and Amnesty provides us with materials, and an aim to work towards together. We are planning to open the group up to the entire school for a lunch time club so that all ages can be involved – watch this space!

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