Bradford and Keighley Staff & Volunteers

Creating a song for our City

One of the biggest passions in my life is music. I can’t sit in a room unless there is some kind of music playing in the background! If there isn’t music playing in the background, it’s usually because I’m playing the guitar or drums!

The Feast in Keighley and Bradford recently received a small grant from Near Neighbours, to enable our work to grow. Soooooooooo I thought why not use it to make some music!? Perfect!

The idea is to create a set of songs written by young people of different faiths about the city they live in and their hopes for change. We have already started the process within a couple of local Secondary Schools. However the demand is high for young people to get involved.

The plan is to record these songs over the next number of months. I have already booked out our recording studio with a new business in Keighley (Suburb Studios). I will be working with friends who are gifted in music, as well as drawing in my own music experience to hopefully create something that will become known across our city. I am also planning to work with The Feast in Birmingham and Tower Hamlets, as The Feast is fortunate to have some very gifted young people and members of staff all across the country, and together we should be able to create a sound full of hope for our communities.

So please stay tuned for our demo’s, ideas and the finished product!

Let the noise begin!

(2019-07-20 17:07:36)