Bradford and Keighley Staff & Volunteers

Just like a garden…

The work of The Feast is well underway up here in B&K (Bradford and Keighley).  The school year has just finished and the summer has begun.  This warm and sunny Spanish weather is certainly much appreciated in Yorkshire!

Our music project is slowly beginning to take shape, even if it is a bigger task than we first expected.

We are also planning two youth encounter events during these summer holidays. Ramadan is almost over and the Muslim young people I know are very keen to get involved with some fun activities once again.

Moving forward, I am aiming to see new, sustainable youth groups all over the city and town.  From September I will be involved with 3 schools and a number of youth groups across the city.

One of my biggest aims within this role was to open or be part of a team that creates a new type of community centre in Keighley.  The aim being that people from every nationality and faith have a place to feel welcome and chat about their everyday stories with one another.  Well I am delighted to say that this desire is underway and within the next year we should have begun development. This job has taught me that when you come into contact with other people who are passionate about community restoration and creating new friendships, you build friends for life.

The Feast B&K is slowly shaping the way young people in Yorkshire create friendships across their towns and their faith. Its a pleasure to be a part of enabling this to happen.

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