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Faith + Social Action: Baking for Change

For the last couple of months myself and Becki (our awesome volunteer!) have been running a lunch club at Raine’s Foundation Lower school. The group is made up of Christians, Sikhs, Muslims and an agnostic (that’s how we roll!).

Like everything The Feast does, the aim is for the young people to explore faith, build friendship, and work together change their community and the world for good.

So it’s an interfaith and social-action lunch club. Each week we get together and grapple with some element of their different faiths, and they share what they believe, and learn what the others believe, all while having a laugh.

The girls (it’s not exclusively for girls, but that is just who is part of it at the moment – and they are awesome) decided that they wanted to bake some cakes, sell them to the school, and give the money to charity. Today was the day it all went down.

The ladies produced some amazing looking cakes and biscuits, which were are hit with the pupils, staff, and even local law enforcement.

I’ve not yet counted how much money we raised, but we are really proud of all the hard work the girls put in, and are looking forward to more projects together that will impact the world positively.


(2020-01-22 17:01:01)