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Faith and Space!

On Saturday we were privileged to go to Thinktank for a very exciting event! We took 7 young people to get to know each other, make craters, talk about their faith in relation to science and space, and watch an exclusive show at the planetarium! It was a fun-filled jam packed event which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

It was interesting to hear differences and similarities in our beliefs about space and the world around us. Some of us believes in aliens, some in the big bang, some in evolution. All shared a belief in God as creator, but differed in how they interpreted that, even within faiths. It was fascinating to discuss these things together. Strangely enough nobody said they wanted to join the mission to set up life on Mars!

We’d like to thank Thinktank for hosting us and we hope to be able to come again at some point in the future. Watch this space…

(2019-08-19 02:08:52)