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A night to celebrate changed lives

On Wednesday 25th March, young people from across Birmingham were recognised for their contribution to building a more cohesive, positive and peaceful city, at The Feast’s 2015 Birmingham Youth Awards ceremony.

A year comes around fast in the life of The Feast, hey; it seems like only last month we were celebrating the achievements of our young people who had journeyed with us during the previous year.  Yet before we knew it, we were happily celebrating new young people and new friendships.

With the fantastic support of Service Birmingham, who were our sponsor for the event, we returned to the familiar surrounding of Birmingham City Council’s Banqueting Suite, to award and applaud young people for their participation alongside us and to honour students acknowledged by their schools for excelling and going above the normal requirement that separated them from their peers.

One of the Awards was titled the ‘Power of the Pen Award’ (you can view the winning blogpost here!). On the night we were able to listen to Maryam read her post. There were so many things stood out to me, the emotion and honesty in what had been written was moving for many people.  Reflecting on the world around me I heard,

Those who have the most can never get enough…

The writer spoke for many of the audience, I urge everybody to read the blog which is on our website, and then ponder the age of the author.  Wise beyond her years you may conclude…!

From the other things that were said by our winners that stood out to so many of us,

If The Feast didn’t exist, I guess I’d be lost in life…

So often working with young people I viewed as either being very simple or, worse still, not very important.  To hear a young person say that on stage in front of unfamiliar faces was a tremendous accolade to the work of The Feast and the potential for impact and change in the lives of young people on our city.

To add to our enjoyment, we were joined by many of the schools we work with in Birmingham. Moseley, Broadway, Park View and Golden Hillock Schools were all represented on the night and it was so satisfying to see them award trophies to the different winners of the School Awards.

I hope we can keep celebrating our young people and friends in the future. We are so often focused on work to the point we forget to look around us and see how much it is appreciated and supported. Al Faisals Restaurant supported us by donating very generous prizes to our winners for the second year running.  We also have a new local business supporting us and the guys at Doodle Splash also gave us prizes to awards to our winners.

Our youth awards were a success for the support of schools and local businesses but more importantly for the young people who continue to journey with us and benefit from the work being done by The Feast.

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