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Girls mini residential 2015!

Take 9 young ladies from across the city of Birmingham, add 4 adult leaders. Combine with games, pizza, laughter, chocolate, a movie, sleeping bags, Ackers, pancakes, faith conversations, baking, chatting. Bake in sunny Sparkhill for 23 hours…

We had a wonderful time at the girls’ mini residential, taking place in our own building here in Birmingham. It was wonderful to bring together old friends and new and share food, conversations, laughs and an adventure at Ackers together.

We watched ‘The 100 foot journey’ on Friday evening which was a great movie and provoked thoughts about how we view cultures differently to our own, and how much we change by living in one culture but having heritage from another. The film showed us that different cultures can infuse each other, especially when we think about food!

On Saturday we carried on with the themes of the film and had conversations about our cultures, faith and the world. Tina showed us how to make puff pastry and fruit roses, and we choose what spices to use, mixing some from different parts of the world. we then went to Ackers to continue to build trust and test out courage on the jungle challenge! It was very fun!

On Saturday afternoon we made collages, contributing our own cultural arts works, pictures from magazines, quotes and poetry we liked. This was a great way to bring together to themes we’d be exploring.

Check out the gallery to see what we got up to – and watch this space for the next residential!


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