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Chicken and Chips (and interfaith)

I recently had the privilege of hanging out with some amazing young people from one of the schools we work in. I’ll let them introduce themselves…

We meet weekly for a lunch club where we discuss faith, and look at ways to impact our community for good. The group is made up of Christians, Sikhs and an Agnostic/Atheist. Each week we grapple with each others different world views, as well as just hang out, have a laugh, and build friendships.
We decided to take it out of school, and go have faith discussion over some chicken at Nandos. Unfortunately some of the young people were not able to make it, but these three ladies (and a friend) did, and we had a great time!

One of the questions I asked the young people is why it is that they get on so well, despite being from different religions – and none (and having very different views on certain things), when adults don’t manage to do the same too well.

They had some great answers! But Diamond (aka Simran) said something particularly profound:

“I think we don’t bond over religion, we bond over things we like…”

Her answer is at the heart of what The Feast tries to get young people to do: we want young people to bond over activities that they enjoy, and build genuine friendship; and use these as the basis for sharing their faith, learning about the faith of the others, discussing some very difficult things at times. We don’t want to shy away from grappling with difference, but we want to do it in a positive and productive way.

And as we do, we realise that we agree on much; and we also disagree on much. But we can still be good friends, good neighbours and do our community some good, as people of faith.