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When Jordan came to visit

Often at The Feast we get to host some really special events. We have done so many different things that nowadays most things we are asked to do we reply with an “OK, no problem!” Sometimes we let ourselves in for a crazy amount of unforeseen work, while other times it’s straight forward and feels normal.

We were approached by a charity called Bridges for Communities which has many similarities with The Feast, though primarily focused on young adults instead of young teenagers. They came to visit us with five people from Jordan and wanted us to show their group how we work with young people from different faith backgrounds in Birmingham.

We delivered a Feast-style workshop for them with the group where we looked at life in Sparkhill. As a group we shared our different experiences living here in the UK and in Jordan. The group was going on to visit other cities so this offered them a good chance to compare different place in England and whether there were similarities between here and back in Jordan.

It was great to see that despite the miles that were between us, we were all essentially the same and liked films, food, faith, family, friends; and by the end of the session each other.

Maybe one day we will go to Jordan and compare life between our home town and theirs. Who knows…..

(2019-07-20 17:07:16)