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Geocaching Adventure in Sparkhill

How can a sat-nav help to guide one through interfaith relations? During The Feast’s Geocaching event on 14 July, some Christian and Muslim lads used global positioning technology to discover hidden treasure and how to talk about their faith in a positive way. The boys first met over a delicious pizza lunch and learned about Geocaching, an ongoing real-life treasure hunt where participants use a sat-nav to find hidden containers, or caches. After learning how to use the sat-nav and what to look for on a couple of practice caches, the boys were eager for a real one as the adventure of the hunt, the thrill of the find, and the seed of friendship had taken hold.

geocaching1aFollowing the hunt in Sparkhill, we returned to the Faithful Neighbourhood Centre to discover what each of us thinks our faith encourages us to seek and what the best thing each of us has found about our faith. Like the satellites we used during the hunt, they pointed out that God is rendering unseen assistance through the adventure of life whether through a real relationship or regular prayer. Both agreed that the dream of the ultimate cache we hope to find is Heaven. At the end of the day, all of them logged a real find as official geo-cachers and friends.

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