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Project Ghana 2015 – Meet The Team (Natasha)

NAME: Natasha


RELIGION: Christian

LIKES: Singing, music, hand sanitiser, socialising and making up new words – especially when playing Boggle

DISLIKES: Poor hygiene, dogs, cats, insects, celery, coriander and people touching my hair (family excluded)


I jumped at the chance to be involved in this project because it combines some of the things I’m most passionate about; sharing about faith, empowering young people, developing young leaders and meeting and learning from people of a different culture. I’ve always wanted to visit Africa so delivering the project in Ghana was a massive bonus.

It’s been a long and challenging journey so far – but well worth it! I love the way the Birmingham team has bonded and are developing both as individuals and as a team. Fundraising has been a mammoth challenge for both the young people and the leaders alike but through teamwork and sheer determination – we’re almost there! My favourite fundraiser was our Sounds For Ghana fundraising concert which featured two amazing artists – Millicent Stephenson and my choir, Town Hall Gospel Choir – and raised almost £1000! There’s still some more fundraising to be done but we’ve been blessed by so many generous people so far it’s unreal!

I’ve really enjoyed running the training sessions and helping the team explore their own thoughts and feelings around the project itself, their own differences and similarities, stereotyping, inter- and intra- faith discussions and how they respond to and manage conflict and cultural differences.

I can’t wait to meet the teenagers we’ll be working with in Ghana and I’m really looking forward to seeing our young people demonstrate their leadership skills when working with the children in Ghana. I’m also excited about them sharing their skills and learning new ones from the teenagers there. I think seeing young people live out their faith in a completely different context will also be eye opening.

The one thing I’m really not looking forward to though are the insects. I think my biggest challenge will be trying to remain calm, collected and professional if I see a spider or any flying insect; my normal response is to frantically jump and run around while screaming and waiting to be rescued! Other than that, I’m truly looking forward to everything that comes with the project.

It’s going to be an unforgettable experience.


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