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Sharing The Feast with the Home Secretary

On Tuesday 25th August, the Home Secretary, Rt Hon Theresa May MP, came to Birmingham to meet with organisations that are working to build community cohesion. The Feast was invited to attend the event and I, along with Faraz, Haleema and Eve went along to network with the other groups attending and to tell Theresa about the work of The Feast.

Theresa spoke about how she wanted groups that work from the ground level up, those based in communities, to be working closely together. She also spoke about the new extremism agenda that she will be releasing soon.

We had the opportunity to tell her that The Feast is like a family, that people create real friendships with those that are different from themselves. Faraz shared about why people that have come to Feast events as young people want to stay connected and come back as volunteers. Eve shared about a few events that she has been too and particularly that one where she met Haleema and they became friends. Haleema shared about her trip to Ghana and the impact that had made on her life. I stood there and felt proud to be part of an organisation that values each person as an individual, that wants to see young people confident to talk about who they are and how their faith affects their lives and that stands alongside people who are different to one another and celebrates the beauty that comes from the friendship that is built between them.

Meeting Theresa May was not something I had anticipated being part of this job, but it certainly made for an interesting Tuesday morning!

(2019-07-20 18:07:39)