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Soul Boats

Many exciting things are happening at The Feast at the moment, as we have new opportunities to add to the growing work and experiences of the young people we work with.

Over the summer we ran a successful programme for four weeks. We welcomed anybody who wanted something to do over the holidays. We had 8 – 12 Christian and Muslim young people in our 2 hour sessions on a Wednesday afternoons.

We chose the issue of prayer to look at with the group. We wanted to explore it as a living 3-dimensional thing and each week looked at different aspects of it: What is it? What could it look like? What might it sound like? How may it smell or taste?

We had some fantastic discussions (which included eating ice cream!) that culminated in our final session where we teamed up with Jake Lever, and designed Soul Boats as part of the 300th year celebration of Birmingham Cathedral. Soul Boats are a celebration of participants’ faith journeys, and it was great to celebrate each others’ lives and faith journeys together.

The young people enjoyed coming along and taking part in each session, and they are looking forward to an upcoming event in October where we will work with other artists on the celebration at the cathedral.

I’m glad we had a successful summer program as when schools are closed and some young people go on holiday we don’t see as many young people as we’d like. This year we saw young people throughout the holidays and made a space for them to come together, outside of school and normal activities, with young people of their own and other faiths!


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