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Project Ghana 2015 – Meet The Team (Isaac)

NAME: Isaac

AGE: 20

RELIGION: Christian

LIKES: I do a lot of research in my spare time because I believe there are a lot of things for me to know and also to update myself with happenings around the world. I also like reading about finance and business, listening to music and playing football to have some exercise.

DISLIKES: I don’t like criticizing people because I believe we are all one people and there is no need to criticize someone for what they do. I also hate bad companies that will have negative influence on my life.


I have completed senior high school and I am looking forward to attending university God willing this year. I am a Christian and I fellowship with Lovers of Jesus Chapel. The best thing about my faith is love. Jesus came to die for us because of love to atone for our sins. So as a Christian I believe we should love one another, whether our friend or enemy. When I heard of the project I was told it was going to be about Religious Tolerance. But during the project I learnt a lot of things apart from Religious Tolerance of which I was very happy about. I got to know that we all different faith and beliefs and for that matter we should accept each other’s view about religion and we shouldn’t judge others by their faith. I also got to know how to mingle with people of different faith, whether children or adult, male or female etc. I was looking forward to have more fun as the project got more interesting during the latter part. I was very worried because the time was very short and I wished more days were added. But it was all good. You guys are so awesome and very friendly and I am hoping the project continues next year. We thank you for the love u showed us and also for sharing with us a lot of things we did not know before. The project was well appreciated. We want to tell you that the Ghana Team is still active and we are practicing what you taught us. Thank you!

I think that the idea of The Feast is a great one. What I enjoyed most about the project is the fact we the Christians were made to mingle with the Muslims and share ideas together as this is hardly seen here in Ghana or around the world. What I found hardest was the accent of the UK people but gradually I became okay. We the children of Ghana do not talk to elderly people the same way we talk to our mates so I would be happy if the UK teenagers learn this from us. The UK teenagers expressed themselves in any situation and are decisive too. I liked it because I believe it broadens knowledge so I learned that from them. The discussion I found most interesting was the one about superiority since almost everyone has been a victim of someone making them feel inferior.

Taking part in this project has helped me a lot as a Christian and as a young person. It has helped to accept everyone no matter their faith and their faith shouldn’t define them. It has also helped me to be decisive and share my views with others. What I learnt about leadership is that leadership is about social influence not positional power so leaders must listen to the views of their followers to make concrete decisions to achieve a great goal. In Ghana our culture is very different and the children need to respect their elders so we don’t actually mingle and play with children. This week has shown us that children need to learn a lot of from us and we need to mingle more with them.

I would teach others what I learned from taking part of this project since it has had so much impact on my life. Thanks.


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