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Project Ghana 2015: Bilal’s Story

The most significant thing I will be taking from the experience is learning to be more grateful and to count my blessings instead of moaning about what I don’t have. One thing I learnt about myself in this project is that I panic when things don’t go according to plan and through this experience I’ve learnt to just accept it and find another way of breaking the wall down. What I have learnt about myself as a team member is that I love to lead by example and I like being open to other team member’s ideas.

The thing I enjoyed the most is bonding with the Ghanaian youth there; at first we were all shy but within the first couple of days we all connected. I liked speaking to all of them and learning more about them as individuals, because I enjoyed laughing with them and hearing their stories.

The most challenging thing for me was when was seeing the poor living conditions as it was worse than what I had expected. It was hard to believe that in the same world I live in that there is the extremes of poverty and richness, therefore being in Ghana made me realise how rich I am.

When we were there we visited a school and I remember when I started to blow bubble in front of the children and it was the beautiful smiles on their faces which bought me joy.

The children there have these amazing smiles and when I stood in front of them I could see the eagerness to learn and the thirst for education. The Ghanaian youth were the happiest people I have ever met and with so little they remain so happy.

I find it astonishing that in the same world which I live in there is so much poverty, I don’t understand how I can be in such luxury whilst millions starve around the world and coming back from Ghana now it has become something I want to change.

In the future now I want to volunteer at The Feast as a young leader because I have been part of The Feast now for five years and I want to give back to them what I know and I want to impact someone else’s life by showing them The Feast just like Natasha did.

If an opportunity like this arises again I would be the first in line!

– Guest Post by Bilal, Project Ghana 2015 Team Member. You can read more about Bilal here.



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