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Faith, Fun and Food with The BMS

Yesterday, we had another chance to host a group of guests and show them how to enjoy meeting new people different to them. These differences are sometimes colour, gender and faith.

A group of young people from all over England came to join us at The Feast and take part in a day filled with different activities, conversations around faith, how we can make a difference in the world and, of course; food. This group of Christian young people are planning to go around the world on missionary work, and by joining us here at The Feast they have a chance to experience different cultures before they go. This is helpful for them and gives them a precursor to what they may find on their arrival at their various destinations.

At The Feast we want to always create a space for young people to enjoy the experience of meeting other young people from a faith different to their own. Whilst we do that, we enjoy everything that is ‘normal’ in life and help them to see that the layers that seem to exist between their lives aren’t actually that great.

We looked at the power and relevance of prayer, introduced them to our local area and looked at the escalating Syrian refugee crisis and how we can act to help them now.

Together we had a great time and hopefully learnt from each other things that we may not have known before.

(2019-07-20 18:07:14)