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Project Ghana 2015 – Meet The Team (Felix)

NAME: Felix Kumah

AGE: 22

RELIGION: Christian

LIKES: Having fun with my colleagues – playing football, cards, draft etc. I also like playing drums at my Church!

DISLIKES: Being idle without doing anything and not having what I need to support my dreams and goals!

I am currently studying Accounting at the Polytechnic. During my spare time I usually read the Bible. I like imparting onto others what I know and giving alms as much as possible to those who do not have – be it money, food etc. Also I like discussing with my peers about religious faith, social matters and how to make our life better.

I worship with Lovers of Jesus Chapel at Appemenyim in Ghana. The best thing about my faith is salvation by means of letting Christ dwell in me fully by helping the needy, being forgiving and serving God with all my heart, mind, strength and everything and also by loving my neighbours as myself.

Before Project Ghana 2015 I had spoken to people of another faith. We spoke about the similarities between our religions and about our education as we were in the same group/team. When I first heard about the Project I thought it was about religious tolerance and I was thinking we will be given some platform to be talking about tolerance to every one through various media. Well I was looking forward to understanding the importance of that unity and being able to associate with others as well.

My main worry was how people would understand me as my main language is Fante. I didn’t know how to approach them and how we would be accepted in order to present our information. I also worried about their accent as in how they pronounce their words, and also how they would all cope with us and respect our views in order to make the occasion successful.

What I enjoyed most about the project was how the team met and shared ideas irrespective of our knowledge, the way we gathered ourselves to play with the children and with each other and lastly I enjoyed our morning and daily devotions.

Our colleagues from UK speak fast!! Because communication is a key to strong team work the speed the foreigners spoke and their accent made it difficult for me to understand as soon as they talked. Most of the games were different so it made it difficult for it to be executed on the field of play with us Ghanaians.

Most of the teenagers from the UK tried to learn our local dialect and tried some Ghanaian dishes. I hope they learnt how to cooperate with Ghanaians irrespective of how they found us. One thing I learnt from them was that they left their wealth and everything better, compared with that in Ghana, to stay with us and their passion for the kids.

I found the discussions sharing our religious view most interesting as it enlightened my understanding and gave better ideas about different religion and how they are done. Although I interacted with different religions before, that did not compare to what I learnt talking and staying with different people with different cultures and learning how to associate with people with different religious views.

Taking part in the project has helped me as a young person to interact and play with children. Most of the times our society prohibits children, even if they have good ideas and better suggestions, because they are always just children. I learned to be democratic in leadership and not always be bossy. As a leader you have to accept other peoples view. For team work as there is a saying “together we stand” – I think team work makes everything move correctly as the group has planned. It also show that two or more are better than one, because what a team can do within two hours will take an individual nine hours and more.

I will apply everything that I learned and try and continue the project with my colleagues in Ghana and make sure that my way of thinking about other people, religious group will change.

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