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From Soul Boats to Something Good…

After working on the soul boats project in our summer holiday programme, it was brilliant to see the scale it was going to be shown at when we attended the Something Good celebrations this weekend. Birmingham City Cathedral celebrated their 300th anniversary and the soul boats played a main part of the celebration.

So when we first arrived we caught the bus into the city centre and made our way over to the ‘Something Good’ celebration. It was full of happy people of all ages who were looking at some of the amazing stands some of which included: a graffiti installation done by a well-known artist to The Feast, Mohammad Ali; a robot writer which was basically a robot invented in Holland where you fill it with sand and you type in a sentence/ word which the robot would then write it out on the ground; our personal favourite the soul boats and many more. The celebration also included skyline symphony which was really quite amazing it would start off with the birds tweeting and it would lead on to many other noises such as trains, fairy tale noises and it really made me think not about anything in particular but I just made me feel calm and it was a lovely thing to be around. Later on when we had finished making our second soul boat with Jake (which was just as fun as the first time!), we headed back to the FNC and enjoyed a lovely afternoon lunch of pizza, which was really tasty! After enjoying that, we enjoyed a game of the logo quiz and a few other games too.

Overall, it was a fantastic day with lots of memories and it’s something I would love to do again in the future!

– Guest Post, by Haneefa Stanier




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