Bradford and Keighley Staff & Volunteers

An update from Bradford and Keighley

It has been a fantastic few months working for The Feast in Bradford and Keighley, getting to know the area and meeting lots of people. I have managed to make lots of connections and I am looking forward to making even more in the coming weeks and months and developing the work of The Feast further.

Not long ago I injured myself playing football but am very fortunate to be slowly healing; I don’t take that for granted. The experience has given me more respect for those who live with a permanent disability or have suffered life-changing injuries. I appreciate my injury isn’t serious by comparison, but I still found those few weeks when I needed assistance with basic daily activities very challenging in many ways.

I have felt challenged to appreciate my physical health and ability to move about with ease, appreciate the difficulties others face day after day with no possibility of that changing and to appreciate the freedom I have to express and share my faith in our country.

In spending time in forced rest, time in thought and being able to watch the news regularly, I have seen more of the pain in our world. Hearing about the situation in Syria and researching how people across our world are persecuted for sharing their faith, I have been very thankful to be born in the United Kingdom. I’m thankful to be living in a country where we are not at war and where we can express our views and share our faith. At the same time I know just because we can, it doesn’t always make it easy.

Through my short time at The Feast I have been fortunate to meet many people of different faiths and hear about their religion, cultures and traditions. I know it’s only going to be a few weeks until I am back to full health but until then I will be doing my best to develop the work of The Feast in Bradford and Keighley through my small window that is my laptop. I really want to help others express their views and share their faith without the fear of being judged!

If you would like to hear more about the work of The Feast or find out how you can get involved, please email me,

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