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Fitness, fruit and faith

Have you ever thought about what your faith says about health or fitness? Does your faith affect the decisions you make about the food you eat or the way you spend your time? Have you ever told someone of another faith what your thoughts on this?

These were some of the questions we discussed during our Zumba encounter yesterday. With a small group of girls (Christian and Muslim) we had a lot of fun making 3D pictures from fruit (see the pics below), and loved the brilliant Zumba class lead by Afsha Malik from Bloomin Health, where we talked about fitness, health and our faith. We finished with a relaxation exercise. During the discussion we all had to think through what each of us believed, and what we had learned from one another. It was really interesting and when I asked the girls at the end whether they would be up for doing it again there was a huge resounding yes.


(2019-07-20 18:07:04)