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The Feast encourages me to try new things.


The first trip I went on with the Feast was to a Navy ship in Portsmouth which I heard about through my church. As it was my first event I was incredibly reluctant to go, especially since in my primary school years I struggled with going to new things where I didn’t know anyone. But despite this I decided to go anyway. This trip gave me the opportunity to do something different and completely out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed it. One of the most prominent things I noticed about the Feast on this trip was the huge sense of welcome compared to other youth groups I had previously been to. But also trying new things and meeting new people with the Feast has encouraged me to go to more new things despite not knowing people there and just having the courage to walk up to someone new and start a conversation with them. I think this is one of the things that has encouraged me to keep coming back to events, some of which included paintballing, cycling, and a marvel movie marathon.

Another way the Feast is so significantly different is the open conversations encouraged every session. With the guidelines for dialogue, conversation about faith, culture and numerous other topics are easy to discuss. One topic I found particularly helpful was the discussions we had with Steve at a gaming and film event. We looked at how we represent ourselves to new people. For me, nearing my GCSEs and work experience, I found this was particularly applicable to me and helped me to think about how I represent myself in new situations and conversations.

Along with discussing a multitude of topics at the Feast, I also get the opportunity to do new things I would not otherwise be able to do. Living in Birmingham, I think it is hard to do outdoor events but with the Feast I have been able to try new things including paintballing, rock climbing, cycling, go-carting and loads of other things I wouldn’t normally be able to do.

Without the Feast I also would have found it hard to meet up with people of my age in my local community. Since I go to school in Handsworth, it is hard for me to meet up with friends in holidays because we come from across Birmingham and the Black Country. The Feast has provided me with the chance to meet up with people of my age in my community, which otherwise would have been impossible for me to do.

I have been to so many events in the three years I have been going to the Feast, but I think my favourite has to be paintballing. Despite a lot of mud, I have really enjoyed doing this twice with the Feast. Both times I have made new friends and discussed faith in ways I have never done before and it is events like this that really make me appreciate the opportunities the Feast has given me.

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