Moseley School students striving for change

By Steve Stanier

What do we know about a season?  It brings change, and is a chance to see and do new things, to form and grow.

The life of a school is fast, busy, full, and can often have little room for anything outside the main curriculum.  To allow students to experience different opportunities within their learning environment will only benefit everyone, both students and teachers.  These experiences can ultimately help to make a better society in the future.

After starting back at school in September this year, I found in my role with The Feast a new season had arrived, and with this came a chance to develop our new programs and events.  So working closely with different departments like Humanities, RE, Art and the Leisure Centre we are working on exciting projects around social action, social justice, cultural and social inclusion, developing a girls programme and much more to come.

We now have a regular group of up to 15 students who attend weekly and are dedicated to making change, which we call Youth 4 Change.  Over various discussions the group broke down social action into the following categories:

1. Locally

This means at Moseley School, because we want to nurture a love and respect for our school.  It also means at home, on the streets where we live and the street next to that.  An aim is to promote a sense of community value which goes from the class rooms to our own homes, and back again.

2. Nationally 

Many things are happening in Birmingham and the UK that we are learning about in our group.  Food Banks, cancer research, how to petition the local MP, gardening and canal Projects … to name a few.  The  students want to raise awareness of the issues that affect them in the city and country, and also how they can get involved and make an impact themselves.  I believe this is so important, to help students develop as young people with a social awareness and knowledge that they can make a real difference.

3. Worldwide

So many things happen around the world that we never see day to day.   While social media and the internet has bought so much right into our pockets and homes, we cannot always control the flow.  So what we are hoping to do is look at some of the issues we can work on and look to do our part.  We are currently started to get involved with Fair trade and ‘Stop The Traffik’, but there are many current initiatives that our group are keen to keep looking at.

The group is growing, and the members are active!  We are becoming more visible and our work is having an impact on more students and teachers across school.

Y4C is held every Tuesday in AL01 after school.  It’s open to all and we look forward to more students who want to make a difference coming along and being part of this movement.