10 Guidelines and a Wedding

One of our lovely volunteers, Bushra (pictured with her Mum and sister), has been a part of The Feast for almost as long as it has existed. She was first introduced to us at her school and so began a long and amazing journey. She has been a powerful ambassador for The Feast and a passionate advocate for our Guidelines for Dialogue.

Bushra stunned some Christian peers at a training event when she recounted an incident where the Guidelines had really helped her. She was on a bus on her way to work when she was confronted by a man who started shouting at her.

“He was right in my face, screaming that I shouldn’t wear my hijab and telling me that all Muslims were terrorists and should leave the country. I just thought that if he knew the Guidelines for Dialogue he’d know that he shouldn’t tell me what I believe. “

She went on to explain that, because of the Guidelines and her own experience of meeting people of different faiths through The Feast, she felt calm. She knew that this man didn’t represent all people of his faith and ethnicity. I’m not sure that many of us would have been able to deal with this so calmly and I remember feeling so proud of Bushra and her commitment to the work of The Feast.

Recently she popped in to our office, beaming as usual. Only this time it was to tell us of her engagement and to invite us to her wedding in August. And, being Bushra, she asked where the nearest Feast hub was in London as she has no intention of breaking her connection with us when she moves to live with her husband. I pointed her in the direction of Dumaeza in Tower Hamlets and she was delighted.

Mind you, I suspect that if there was no Feast presence in London, she would want to start one.

(2019-08-19 02:08:33)