Birmingham Reflections

Birmingham Iftar meal celebrations having more in common

By Jill Appleton, Birmingham Development Worker

Last Saturday night in Birmingham was our annual Iftar meal, where we joined together with friends and friends of friends in conjunction with the wonderful Jo Cox inspired Great Get Together initiative, to share food with our Muslim friends as they broke their fast.

During the evening as I looked around the room, it struck me that this is what The Feast is all about. The room was full of people talking, which in itself is not unusual – certainly not for The Feast! In fact, there was nothing unusual but much to celebrate.

One of the young people shared a moving piece he had written about the issues facing us all in the world today (out of the mouths of babes) and then we prayed in our separate faiths and reflected on the importance of the friendships represented in the room. \

Muslim and Christian, young and not so young, sitting, chatting, eating, laughing, making new friends, welcoming old friends and having a good time. Nothing unusual, indeed as Jo Cox said, “…we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.”

At The Feast we celebrate difference and champion unity. The Great Get Together Feast Iftar was everything that we represent and to see young people who are prepared to speak up gave me hope that more lives will be changed, more friendships will be made and more young people will develop the resilience they need to make a difference.

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