Tower Hamlets

Paintballing and a Peaceful Encounter!

By Shane, one of the young people on a recent youth encounter in Tower Hamlets, run by youth workers Dumaeza and Mark.  The young people came from Bethnal Green Mission Church and several mosques in the local community.

Violence is something that we read about and encounter in many shapes and forms in everyday life. This topic came up a lot during our conversation after a very fun and eventful day.

After a long tube journey to Upminster and an even longer walk we finally arrived at the paintballing arena. Both groups of lads as well as youth leaders were ready and pumped to experience the pain of 200 mph paintballs hitting their flesh. After two games of “Protect the Fort” we ended up all camped out on the top of a derelict double decker bus, hiding from the onslaught of paintballs from the opposing team.

We then packed up our stuff headed back to Mile End for a nice, but very hot (thanks to Dumaeza!) meal at Roosters.

After sweating it out after all the spice we sat down to discuss violence and what it meant in our faiths. The group was split evenly with Christians and Muslims so we were able to hear different perspectives on violence and if it was necessary or not and our own religious views on it. This topic had very different but similar answers in terms of how violence was viewed. Some people viewed it as necessary in almost a lesser of two evils scenario whereas others thought of it as not needed and just an excuse of power.

I learned from the other group that violence can be taken in many different shapes and forms and is not just physical violence but emotional and verbal violence that can almost have a greater influence of different situations around the world.

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