Birmingham Stories

Sharing Spaces in Birmingham

During the school term, St. Christopher’s Church in Birmingham hosts two very different groups of young people. Two evenings each week, Christian youth from the church meet for fun and to grow in their faith. Two afternoons each week, in the same space, Moseley School students from a mix of cultural and religious backgrounds drop in after school for HubLife, a time for fun and to talk about faith and community.

Over the Spring half-term break, members of the two groups came together for a video scavenger hunt in their local park. We took some videos of ourselves being hilarious and enjoying the beautiful parts of the park. We also highlighted some of the park’s more difficult issues such as graffiti, litter and vandalism. Once inside, we had fun watching the videos we had made and then had a faith discussion about community; considering questions like, “How do members of a community work out how to share space together?” and “What do people of faith bring to a community?”

After lunch, we watched the film, “Be Kind, Rewind” about neighbours who come together through making home videos. When the movie was over and we were cleaning up, we overheard one of the HubLife young people say to one of the church youth, “Do you come to HubLife? It’s fun. You should come!”

It was exciting to bring together these two very different, yet not so different after all, groups of young people. We were also happy to share the day with two American youth workers who are hoping to take the principles of the Feast back to their own community. We hope it is the first step of an exciting journey for all of us!

(2020-02-24 10:02:27)