Birmingham Reflections Staff & Volunteers

Volunteering at The Feast

Hi! I’m Charlotte Grist, a volunteer at The Feast. I am in my second year studying International Development and Anthropology at the University of East Anglia. For the past year I have volunteered within the planning processes of The Feast’s encounters and all the fun activities that go on. As a volunteer who is mainly based in the office, I have had the privileged of seeing how hard The Feast works to enable genuine relationships between different cultures and faiths who may not otherwise meet; I have loved seeing the friendships that have formed between their volunteers, employees and the young people involved in the encounters. With the hope of having a career in International Development, The Feast has enabled me to see how cultures although different, can learn from each other and see the value of working besides one another.

(2019-10-20 19:10:08)