Birmingham Staff & Volunteers

A Feast week for nurse, Chelsea Patten

In July 2018 I spent a week volunteering with The Feast, Birmingham as part of my children’s nursing elective placement.  I decided I wanted to volunteer when Jill came and spoke at my university’s electives meeting. As a Christian myself, I really value their aims as a charity: to enable young people of many different faiths to become confident in their own faiths and become friends with people of other faiths. I also support and volunteer with a charity in Kolkata; India, and as part of the charity we work with many children and young people of different faiths which I really love. I really value and believe that it is so important to embrace diversity and I really value that the Feast believes this is important too.

Over the past week I have been involved in helping out with admin, getting to know the lovely staff at the Feast, spending time in prayer and spending my week working with the young people in ‘Feast Club’ in the secondary school. I have worked alongside Mica, one of The Feast’s youth workers, and have been involved in a youth meeting where we made vision boards, I have been involved in a faith walk visiting four different places of worship and helped to host an end of year Feast Club party. During all their meetings, the Feast constantly promotes faith, culture, diversity and inclusion by having guidelines for dialogue which promotes the young people, and everyone else involved, to be respectful of each other.

One of my favourite parts of working with the young people has to be the faith walk. Taking over thirty year sevens to four places of worship, having lots of questions answered, and learning a lot about the different faiths myself was so interesting! It was great to see how much the young people had learnt too.

Over the past week I have increased my knowledge in some of the different faiths and I have further deepened my knowledge of how important it is to get young people discussing their faith and widening their community. This will be especially important for me as I continue to support and volunteer with the charity I support in India and as a children’s nurse in a diverse city. I have really valued my short time at The Feast and I will be praying for the work The Feast continues to do.

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