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#SixtySecondsWith Chris Reid who raised over £700 for The Feast

Christopher Reid is a young man from Leyton, in East London. One of the things he does regularly, through his running, is raise money for charities that he cares about. He recently turned 21. As part of his birthday present, he asked friends and family to give towards his chosen charity, The Feast. One of our youth workers was invited to his party where they shared briefly about the work of The Feast.

In total, Chris raised £721.38 for us, for which we are incredibly thankful. We got the privilege of spending a little time with him recently, to find out a bit more about him.

Chris, how would you describe yourself in three words?
Kind. Courageous. Committed.

Where are your parents from?
My mum is from England, and her family. My nan and grandad (father’s parents) are from Jamaican… I’ve never been to Jamaica, but I’d like to go at some point.

So, mum is English. Dad’s parents are from Jamaica. How do you think of yourself and your identity?
I think of myself as Mixed. English and Jamaican… Mixed.

Do you have a faith?
Yeah, I’m a Christian.

Have you always had a faith?
I came to faith when I was a bit older, at age 15. That’s the age I got baptised at the church I was going to at the time.

What’s the best thing about your faith?
Meeting Jesus! Meeting Jesus as a whole; through life, through the Bible.

Tell us more about your running
I’ve been running for six years. Watching Mo Farah at the 2012 Olympics was the thing that really got me into it.

What made you start raising money for charity?
It was seeing other people do it. And I thought “Yeah, I could do that!”

What made you raise money for The Feast specifically?
I picked The Feast because the work they do is close to my heart. And I have a friend that works for them.
I’d like to volunteer for The Feast one day!

(2019-10-20 18:10:33)