Trampolining … and Forgiveness

“I felt nervous at first about meeting new people, but now I am not!”

This was how one of the Christian girls felt about coming to a Trampolining and Forgiveness event in Luton at the end of September. 11 girls (5 Christian and 6 Muslim) came together for trampolining fun. We then went down to the near-by mosque to get to know each other better. Over some delicious food, the girls then talked about forgiveness. How important is forgiveness? What did people in the old days know about forgiveness? Is forgiving the same as forgetting?

The girls enjoyed the day. “I enjoyed meeting new people”, one girl said.

One of the Muslim girls reflected: “I thought the combination between us and you guys would be different. We’re here with our hijabs and all that … but actually it was really good!”

The quality of conversation between the girls was encouraging for them all.“I really enjoyed the talking we have done,” reflected one girl. Another added: “Our conversations were more in depth that I expected. It was good!” “I am going to think about our discussions further.”

It is this kind of engagement between teenagers from very different communities, willing to live well with difference, which will help create a better society for us all.

(2020-02-24 10:02:33)