The Feast is a Christian charity based in Birmingham, working to promote community cohesion between young people of different faiths and cultures.

Young people today are growing up in a country surrounded by people who are different to themselves, and yet we all tend to lead separate or parallel lives. As a result young people can experience barriers of ignorance, fear and mistrust in their communities, which sometimes even progresses to hostility or conflict. The Feast is empowering young people to spearhead social change.

The Feast is all about…

  • Exploring faith: young people are encouraged and equipped to discuss their faith or identity in ways which highlight both the similarities and differences between them.
  • Creating friendships: by bringing together young people in a positive and fun environment we provide the opportunities for them to get to know one another, work on projects together and form friendships based on trust and respect.
  • Changing lives: having been to events run by The Feast the young people are challenged and encouraged to live out the lessons they have learnt in their everyday lives amongst their friends, family and the wider community.

Our Vision:

To see resilient young people who are confident in their beliefs and identity, able to build meaningful friendships with people who are different to them, comfortable to discuss challenging issues and committed to living well with their neighbours to work together for the good of society.

Our Values:

The Christian Principles to which we ascribe include

  1. A belief that all people are made by God and are equally valuable.
  2. Therefore we have a duty to befriend, serve and care for those we meet regardless race, faith or gender.
  3. A commitment to Jesus’ teaching that we should love our neighbours as ourselves whoever they might be.
  4. In the Bible we read that Jesus promises God’s blessing for those who are peacemakers, consequently we have a concern for the peace and wellbeing of the community of which we are a part and to equip others to be peacemakers.

Our Ethos:

  1. When people of different beliefs get together the environment should be welcoming, inclusive, stimulating, relaxing and fun.
  2. People need a safe place to discuss the similarities and differences between their faiths in an atmosphere of honest friendship.
  3. We recognise our dependence on God for all our needs.
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