• Why are you called The Feast?
    • There are a number of reasons – one being that you might ask this question!

      We like to say, “because we enjoy eating well with our friends.”   You have meetings with a formal acquaintance, but a friend gets an invite to your birthday party.  That is our hope for our friends of another faith or culture.

      Another reason is that interfaith work is something that is normally associated with adults sitting around having a serious discussion. This could be described as dry Ryvita, a food that is probably good for you but you would not want every day.  When we were set up our Trustees wanted a name that showed that we were about having a brilliant time together.

      In the same way that you might have a big family celebration, we want our interfaith work with young people to be a lot of fun, to be a celebration of who they are and of course for there to be plenty of food!

  • Who funds you?
    • The Feast seeks funds from a mix of different sources, with the aim to ensure our long-term sustainability of the charity.  In recent years our income mix has been roughly donations (20%), government related grants (30%), grant grant making trusts and foundations (35%), contracts and fee-for-service (10%) and the remainder from in-kind and fundraising (5%).

      Our largest funders have included:

      • Near Neighbours, Dept of Communities and Local Government – £40k per year (2014-2016)
      • Henry Smith Charity – £30k per year (2015-2018)
      • Youth Social Action Fund, Cabinet Office – £35k per year (2013-2015)

      A full list of our grant funders is shown on our Thanks Wall here.

      The Feast has never been funded by the Prevent Programme.

      If you would like to support our work financially, please see our donating page here.

  • What ages do you work with?
    • Our main focus is 11-16 year olds and secondary schools.

      However, we have a lot of 16-18 year olds and are increasingly being invited into Colleges and Sixth Forms, so we are keen to work with this age range and involve them more as young leaders and volunteers.

      Our training is targeted at adults who work with young people.

  • Which faith groups do you work with?
    • The Feast works with people of any faith and none.

      We started off as a charity that worked solely with Christians and Muslims and while this is still the majority of our work, it has broadened beyond these two groups.

  • What do you mean when you say interfaith?
    • We are conscious that the word “interfaith” means different things to different people, and for some it has negative connotations.  We are grateful to the pioneers in this field and are glad that today there is a wide range of interpretations and endeavours meeting this need.

      For The Feast we mean bringing groups of young people from different faiths together to have a lot of fun, get to know one another and to talk about what they believe. We use our Guidelines for Dialogue to make sure we have a safe space for them to talk about their beliefs and how they live them out in their lives.

      We believe it is vital that we acknowledge our similarities and differences, and that our coming together does not mean compromising what we believe but engaging with respect and honesty.

  • Why is it that only Christians can be Trustees and on Local Leadership Groups?
    • The Feast was set up by Christians pioneering this way of helping young people of different faiths to interact well, based on an understanding of Jesus’ and the Bible’s teaching to love our neighbour.  We are proud of and honest about our grounding in the Christian faith.

      As a result the governance structures of The Feast – including Trustees and regional LLGs – are made up of Christians from a range of denominations and cultures.  It is also a requirement that the CEO is a committed Christian, however no other role in the charity has this restriction unless there is a valid Genuine Operational Requirement that the candidate have a specific faith.

      The Christian leadership of The Feast is tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding the delivery of the unique form of youth work that we are built on, which treats every single young person with respect and honour, no matter what they believe.  Our staff, volunteers and partners are needed to keep us accountable to our ideals and to work with us to see our vision realised.

  • Can I work for/with you?
    • It is great that we can provide a vocation for people in this line of work, so thanks for asking.

      Please see our vacancies page and also our volunteer page for more information about how you can get involved with the work. Alternatively, please email contact@thefeast.org.uk or call 0121 675 1158 as we would love to explore how we might be able to work together.

  • Do you only work in Birmingham?
    • No, we have workers in Bradford and Keighley, Tower Hamlets and Luton, as well as international work taking place in Lebanon and elsewhere. You can read about the work they are doing on the Where page.

  • Do you have any resources I can use with my group?
    • We do. We have event packs that you can use if you are getting two groups of young people together who are of different faiths or cultures. You can find them here

      Please help yourself to our guidelines for dialogue that can be found here.

      We have plenty of other resources that our team has used with different groups in the past – single faith and mixed faith groups. If you would like more information about these, please get in touch through contact@thefeast.org.uk or on 0121 675 1158.

  • Do you run any training?
    • Yes. We have one day training courses, an annual conference and we also run an accredited youth work course for more information on all of these follow this link. 

      If you would like us to come and train your staff, please contact us on 0121 675 1158 or contact@thefeast.org.uk.

  • Who do I contact if I want to start The Feast in my area?
    • If you are interested in knowing more about the work or setting it up in your area, please email contact@thefeast.org.uk and we will pass your email onto the person who will be best able to explore that with you.

  • How can I get involved? 
    • It is our aim at The Feast to grow a movement of people who are committed to living well with their neighbours of other faiths, where it is normal to connect with respect and trust.  So we really hope we can find a way for you to get involved.

      If you are 11-18 years old, or work with young people, check out [THIS – HYPERLINK] for details of the activities we have open at the moment.  Or get in touch with the staff in your area to find out what they are working on.

      Other ways include:

      Pray or stay informed – sign up for our newsletter here.

      Volunteer – follow this link to find out more.

      Training – we run regular training opportunities, but may be able to develop something specifically for your needs.

      Promote – share our work with your family, friends, faith group or network.  Check out our social media feeds or get in touch for resources you can access.

      Donate – financial support is vital to the ongoing work, so please visit (here) to find out how you can give.

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