2000Andrew Smith runs first event for Christian and Muslim young people in Birmingham as part of Scripture Union. ‘Faith and Young People’ is a huge success.
2000-2008Buoyed by its success, Andrew runs regular ‘Youth Encounter’ events across the city, and develops a set of Guidelines for Dialogue which underpin the approach.
2008Andrew consults Christian supporters in Birmingham about setting up a charity which would be an Associate Trust of Scripture Union. The Feast is formed.
2009The Feast is granted charitable status, and begins fundraising.

Natasha Griffith commences as The Feast’s first employee, as a youth worker based in Sparkhill and working in Moseley and Golden Hillock Schools. Jenni Creasy joins as a Scripture Union gap year volunteer.

The Feast is based at The Springfield Centre.

2010Tim Fawssett joins as project manager, which later becomes the CEO role. Jenni joins the staff team at the end of her gap year.

Youth Encounter events increase from 4 to 25 a year.

The Feast begins work with the Broadway School in Aston.

2011Rachel Pattinson joins to provide administrative support, along with an increase in volunteers.

The Feast joins the Near Neighbours programme.

2012Nahim Khan becomes the first Muslim youth worker. Immy Kaur and Steve Hirst interned for a year with The Feast as a part of their Fellowship with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

The Feast is awarded the ‘Most Innovative Youth Work’ Award at the Christian Youth Work Awards.

New Local Leadership Groups are formed in Bradford and Keighley and Tower Hamlets.

2013The Feast office moves to the Faithful Neighbourhoods Centre, and says goodbye to Rachel. Chris Reynolds joins the team in Bradford and Keighley and Hannah Dickson joins the Birmingham office to do administration and finance.

The Feast secures funding from the Cabinet Office as part of the Youth Social Action Fund.

2014Steve Stanier joins the team in Birmingham and Dumaeza Nhlapo joins part-time in Tower Hamlets.

The Feast commences in Park View Academy, and now operates in four Birmingham Schools.

With the support of Near Neighbours, The Feast establishes a Local Leadership Group in Luton.

The Feast Lebanon is established as a partnership between World Vision, the Institute for Middle Eastern Studies and YFC, and commences running youth encounters for Sunni and Shia Muslims, and Maronite and Evangelical Christian young people.

2015This year saw a lot of staff changes.

Tanya Bownds joins as Field Development Manager. Chris moves on from Bradford and Keighley, and is replaced by Mark Elliott. Nanzip Lannap joins in Luton as a contacted youth worker. Jenni departs in the Summer, and at the end of the year we said goodbye to Tanya, Hannah and Nahim steps back to be a part-time Associate role.

The Feast in Birmingham is awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Volunteer Service, equivalent to the MBE for charities.

The Feast International Committee forms to support the interests for work outside the UK.

The first Faith and Friends Conference was held in Birmingham.

From humble beginnings this year we connected with around 2,500 young people nationally through schools, faith groups and partner organisations.

2016We can’t wait for all that this year holds. But one cool thing is a snazzy new website!!
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