The Feast in Luton

The Feast’s work in Luton began in 2014 after discussions between local Luton contacts and The Feast national office. The first pilot event was held in Dec 2014, with a Local Leadership Group being formed in early 2015.

Currently the work is led by Ulrike Hunt, who started as Development Manager in April 2017.

For news on our work in Luton, check out the “Blog” section and type ‘Luton’ into the search bar or click the link below.

The Feast

2019_3 The Feast Luton Newsletter Autumn 19


LAG Chair: Linda Geevanathan

Worker: Ulrike Hunt (Development Manager)

Featured news: Luton, Reflections, Staff & Volunteers 9th December 2014

Piloting The Feast in Luton

The Feast, with the support of Near Neighbours, lots of cups of coffees and some great new volunteers and young people, is developing a work in Luton. We recently ran a pilot event there, and you can read more about [..]

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Featured post: Luton 17th September 2018

The Transforming Power of Dialogue

  In Luton, we recently ran training sessions about guidelines for constructive dialogue. Participants looked at what makes for good, healthy, constructive, win-win kind of dialogue when it comes to conver[..]

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