post: Birmingham, Reflections 22nd June 2017

Birmingham Iftar meal celebrations having more in common

By Jill Appleton, Birmingham Development Worker Last Saturday night in Birmingham was our annual Iftar meal, where...

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post: Uncategorised 19th June 2017

The Feast brings surprises to soothe troubled times

What an absolutely rubbish last few weeks!  Today we woke up again to news of another terrorist attack, where the hat...

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post: Tower Hamlets 7th June 2017

An Encounter with the Canaan Project and The Feast

By Annie Edwards, Canaan Project Youth Worker On the 16th of May, Dumaeza joined the Canaan Project after scho...

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post: Reflections 10th April 2017

10 Guidelines and a Wedding

One of our lovely volunteers, Bushra (pictured with her Mum and sister), has been a part of The Feast for almost as l...

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post: Stories, Tower Hamlets, Youth Events

Exploring Faith and Atheism over the London ground, water and air.

By Melissa Llewellyn, Youth Worker in Luton Last week I experienced my first youth encounter since starting wo...

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post: Reflections 24th March 2017

Hannah recommends volunteering with The Feast

One overcast Friday morning last October last year, I was heading (slowly) through Birmingham rush hour traffic towar...

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post: Birmingham, Students

Our First Encounter – Down to Earth meets Icircle

By Scarlett and Charlie from Down to Earth "Bringing people together isn't as hard as it seems. When Down to Ea...

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post: Reflections, Tower Hamlets 13th March 2017

What an amazing 12 year old North Korean Atheist reminded me

By Dumaeza Nhlapo, Youth Worker in Tower Hamlets My job continues to blow my mind: Yesterday I sat across t...

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post: Birmingham 1st February 2017

Two very different schools breaking down barriers

By Steve Stanier, Birmingham "How do you change the world?  How do you know your path in life or guide others to t...

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post: Reflections, UK 19th January 2017

Ransome’s reflections on team day and diversity

By Ransome Oginni, Bradford and Keighley Last week I was able to attend my first National Team Day with The Feast,...

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